Chrisette Michele performing an unplugged version of her record, “Better”

The way she approaches each syllable. I dare you to not make this face.


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once a girl in my biology class asked if the sun had bones

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List of helpful posts,


these were not written by me, just reblogged! But I wanted them organized and all in one spot for quick reference!

Basic Tips

Safety (Online & In-Person, Screening)




Your Worth

First Dates & Restaurants 




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the scary thing about dating is that you are either going to marry that person or break up

or have a murder case

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I have no social life…its the weekend and I’m working. I can’t wait to go back to uni and make some new friends lol

Literally the same boat

Anonymous said: How do your parents feel about stripping?




You know what. I was going to answer this.
I was.
But then I realized
It’s so utterly bullshit that every single sexworker gets this question.
That we all have to have our family and personal life affairs asked by some anon.
Someone who knows damn well that due to stigma a lot of people have issues with their family right now and its potentially triggering.
You obviously knew this. After all, you did ask this behind a greyface.
You intentionally asked someone a potentially triggering, hurtful question about their personal life with the intention of it being posted publicly.
I see this question sent to a worker I follow nearly every single day.
It’s so completely frustrating. Why do people think they’re entitled to pry at peoples personal lives?
So you know what?
I’m not going to answer this.
For all you know I could have a great relationship with my parents. I could see them every so often and tell them I’m safe and doing well while they support my choices. Or they could have disowned me. Or who knows, maybe they’re even dead? Maybe my mothers a sexworker or ex-stripper?
It doesn’t matter because it’s really none of your business.
And I’m sorry to blow up on you in this or if it wasn’t your intention to pry, but I see this far too often and it makes me livid.

What do the parents of evil politicians think about what they do? What about the lawyers who get murderers off the hook, what does their family think? What about workers for large pharmaceutical companies that are getting people addicted to pain killers, do they have a good relationship with their parents?

Oh and I almost forgot, what about THE MEN WHO HAVE TO PAY TO SEE A BEAUTIFUL WOMAN TAKE HER CLOTHES OFF, what do their parents think about that??

Let me find out

Let me find out

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